Gold's Gym South Oklahoma City, OK #5109

7733 South Walker Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73139
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Phone: 405-253-2210

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Group Fitness

Cardio, upper body and lower body workouts along with a tutorial on how to use our selective fitness equipment to maximize your results.

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South Oklahoma City


We are pleased to announce that South Oklahoma City Express is now part of the Gold's Gym family. Please visit for more details.


Time flies in our Cardio Cinema:

Exclusive to Gold's Gym, the cardio cinema features a movie theater projection screen, surround sound audio, and full length feature films. Watch a different movie every day and experience the fun!

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Why Express Workout?

Because with every rep, every set,
every time you walk through that door, you get stronger. And when that stronger person, that stronger you, steps back out into the world, well, the world had better be ready.

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