About Us

At Gold’s Gym Express, we believe that better fitness should be within reach for everyone. So we’ve created an environment that’s friendly, not intimidating. Affordable, yet uncompromising. And focused on real results, not empty promises. Gold’s Gym Express offers the equipment variety and quantity you would expect to see in a full service gym. The only thing Express about us is your ability to work in a workout on your schedule!

This Is Your Gym

Gold’s Gym Express is where you push yourself to build a better body. A better mind. And a better you. Every time you walk through our door, you will get stronger. And when that stronger you walks back out into the world, well, the world had better be ready.

Low Prices, No Contracts

With two monthly, no-contract pricing options, Gold’s Gym Express memberships can fit any budget. Our Express membership gives you full access to tons of the latest weight and cardio machines, free weights, fitness classes and our exclusive Cardio Cinema while our Gold membership adds massage chair use and buddy passes.

Fitness Consultants

At every Gold’s Gym Express location, you’ll meet friendly staffers who are committed to seeing you attain your fitness and wellness goals. Our Group Fitness instructors will motivate you and teach you proper techniques while taking you through a targeted 30 minute workout.

Fitness for Everyone

Whether you’re new to the gym environment or a seasoned pro, you will appreciate the state-of-the-art equipment and easy access to knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.

A History of Strength

Our fitness expertise was born more than 45 years ago at a modest gym in Venice Beach, California. A gym that became a mecca for strength. And while Gold’s has since expanded to more than 600 gyms worldwide, we’ve never forgotten the values that got us here: Commitment. Passion. Dedication. And above all, strength.

Amenities & Equipment

At every Gold’s Gym Express location, you’ll find: